Jenn Quinn

Jennifer Quinn

Education Consultant,IA Technical Assistance Coordinator,Technical Assistance Provider

Jennifer Quinn holds a M.Ed‭. ‬in Reading and Language for all grade levels‭. ‬She has a strong knowledge base and background in reading‭, ‬language arts‭, ‬spelling‭, ‬writing‭, ‬the co-teaching model‭, ‬assessment‭, ‬integration of technology as a teaching and learning‭ ‬tool‭, ‬and universally designed instruction‭. ‬She integrates techniques from Reading Recovery‭, ‬Reader’s Workshop‭, ‬and Writer’s Workshop‭, ‬and is trained in administering leveled reading assessments to gather data to provide appropriate reading strategies‭ ‬and interventions‭. ‬She was a general education teacher and a special educator‭. ‬