UDL Now!

Get your UDL on.

This self-facilitated course will introduce the key concepts of UDL, and give you the knowledge you need to start using UDL in your lesson and assessment design both in the classroom and online (which is our new normal!). Each module will include a variety of materials to increase options for representation and increase engagement throughout the course. You will dive into the why, the what, and the how of UDL and learn how UDL creates more accessible and equitable learning environments. Throughout the course, there will be numerous opportunities for you to connect with one another through discussion, as we are all feeling a bit isolated!

At a Glance








45 continuing ed hrs


3 (for additional fee)





Course Objectives


Dive into the theory and practice of Universal Design for Learning and explore how UDL is used as a framework for inclusive practice that allows for more accessible and equitable learning environments.


Understand what UDL is and how to apply the principles, guidelines, and checkpoints to their teaching practice both in face-to-face sessions and through online learning.


Learn strategies and explore tools and resources to help deliver a universally designed education to learners in all environments.


About Your Instructor

Katie Novak, Ed.D. is an internationally renowned education consultant. With 18 years of experience in teaching and administration, an earned doctorate in curriculum and teaching, and eight published books, Katie designs and presents workshops both nationally and internationally focusing on the implementation of inclusive practices, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), multi-tiered systems of support, and universally designed leadership. Novak’s work has impacted educators worldwide as her contributions and collaborations have built upon the foundation for an educational framework that is critical for student success.

Dr. Novak is the author of the best-selling book, UDL Now! A Teacher’s Guide to Applying Universal Design for Learning in Today’s Classrooms. Her book, Innovate Inside the Box, with George Couros, explores how to create innovative and purposeful learning opportunities for students within the constraints of educational systems. Let Them Thrive was endorsed by the PACER Foundation. Two additional publications, of which she is a co-author, have been endorsed by leading professors in the field of education and state departments of education. UDL in the Cloud was endorsed by the Executive Director of The Initiative on Learning and Teaching at MIT while Mitchell Chester, the late Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), endorsed Universally Designed Leadership.


What to Expect

How the Course Works

  • Start off each module watching a quick (5-10 minute) video introducing each module.
  • Dive deeper into the content. Review readings and resources - the key is to self-differentiate. Choose what that works best for you and helps you better understand the content and engage with the lesson. 
  • Post to the discussion board, interact with your classmates if you choose to, and make connections.
  • Complete the self-assessment in each module. These are opportunities to deeply reflect on what you already know or have learned.
  • A final project, if you are taking the course for grad credit.
  • Receive your completion certificate for 45 continuing education hours or 3 graduate-level continuing education credits (as applicable).
  • Runs on the Thinkific platform. 

Pricing Options

The fee listed above covers your course registration with Novak Educational Consulting, Inc. only. You may also choose to purchase graduate credits or clock hours (for Washington State teachers) at the time of registration. Group discounts available, contact us for details.

Course Certificates & Transcripts

You will receive a completion certificate from Novak Education at the conclusion of the course. Please check in with your school or district to determine if this alone will be sufficient for salary points or advancement. Some states require additional proof of completion such as clock hours, contact hours, or credits. Graduate credits (3 continuing education credits) may be obtained through our university partners. Please check with your school or district to ensure these will satisfy their requirements prior to enrolling. Learn more about our graduate partners: Gordon College and Teachers College of San Joaquin.


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