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When it comes to the hard work of reconstructing our schools into places where every student has the opportunity to succeed, Mirko Chardin and Katie Novak are absolutely convinced that teachers should serve as our primary architects. And by “teachers” they mean legions of teachers working in close collaboration. After all, it’s teachers who design students’ learning experiences, who build student relationships . . . who ultimately have the power to change the trajectory of our students’ lives.

Equity by Design is intended to serve as a blueprint for teachers to alter the all-too-predictable outcomes for our historically under-served students. A first of its kind resource, the book makes the critical link between social justice and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) so that we can equip students (and teachers, too) with the will, skill, and collective capacity to enact positive change.

“Every student deserves the opportunity to be successful regardless of their zip code, the color of their skin, the language they speak, their sexual and/or gender identity, and whether or not they have a disability.” Consider Equity by Design a critical first step forward in providing that all-important opportunity. “Our calling is to drop our egos, commit to removing barri­ers, and treat our learners with the unequivocal respect and dignity they deserve.”-

Mirko Chardin & Katie Novak

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What People Are Saying

Many teachers and educators are struggling with the concept that ‘teaching is a political act.’ Many want to know,“ ‘is that my responsibility to teach about social issues that are often controversial?’ Equity by Design will allow educators to be reflective and introspective. It is a practical, realistic, and useful guide and workbook.

Paul Forbes, NYC Department of Education

Social justice should be the pursuit of every school, institution, organization and individual. The authors have demonstrated how UDL (Universal Design for Learning) can be the technique by which social justice is achievable. Their text makes clear that simply having a social justice lens or desire is insufficient; action is what is needed. From culturally responsive teaching, to restorative justice, to the design process, to navigating holidays, Novak and Chardin provide clear rationales, practical strategies, explicit examples, and next step actions for every educator interested in a just society.”

Wendy Murawski, California State University Northridge

Equity by Design is critically relevant for educators of today’s youth, the leaders of our future global society, to understand how our work influences their place in the world.

Lisa Graham, Douglas County School District

This book offers a powerful and concrete pathway for educators to incorporate social justice in curriculum development, teaching strategies and practices. Readers meet an array of educators who put these ideas into practice and learn many ideas for creating an equitable and inclusive school.

Becki Cohn-Vargas, Educator and Author

Equity by Design will promote usefulness for teachers and students through its research based foundation and practical applications. It is thought-provoking!

Melanie Sitzer Hedges, West Gate Elementary School

Equity by Design is a must-read for anyone engaged in educating young people.  It does a phenomenal job of identifying the barriers that many students face, as well as how educators can help students overcome these barriers.”

Melissa Miller Randall, G. Lynch Middle School

Now, more than ever, equitable education is of the utmost importance. Equity by Design is a great tool for getting those hard conversations started.

Kelsey Pretzer, East Kentwood High School

About the Authors

Mirko Chardin is the Founding Head of School of the Putnam Avenue Upper School in Cambridge, MA. Mirko’s work has involved all areas of school management and student support. His greatest experience and passion revolves around culturally connected teaching and learning, recruiting and retaining educators of color, restorative practice, and school culture. He delivers keynotes across the nation on equity, social justice, and personal narrative. He is also a race, diversity, and cultural proficiency facilitator and leadership coach for the Aspire Institute at Boston University’s New Wheelock College of Human Development. He is a principal mentor for the Perone-Sizer Creative Leadership Institute, a Trustee at Wheaton College, and an active hip-hop artist. @MirkoMilk




Katie Novak, EdD is an internationally renowned education consultant as well as a practicing leader in education in Massachusetts. With 17 years of experience in teaching and administration, an earned doctorate in curriculum and teaching, and seven published books, Katie designs and presents workshops both nationally and internationally focusing on the implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and universally designed leadership. @KatieNovakUDL






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