Chapter 4

Recruiting and Engaging Students as UDL Partners

In Chapter 4, I discuss the importance of sharing the UDL Guidelines with students. As consumers of learning, our students, regardless of age and variability, should understand learning standards and the instructional strategies we use.

I also provide templates for two lessons: Our Classroom Routines and Who Is My Favorite?). Feel free to download the Word documents to adapt for your own use. If you'd like a copy of the reflection sheet, click here.

Optional Activities

Now that you have learned about the Guidelines and considered how to communicate them to students, choose one (or more) of the following activities to help to deepen your understanding.

  • Spend time reviewing the Guidelines and highlight the ones you think you’ll want to concentrate on this year and share with students.
  • Write a list of questions that you have about the Guidelines. Review the questions with your PLC.
  • Write a paragraph about what you’re feeling right now in regards to the Guidelines and why it's important to share them with students.
  • Write or discuss all or some of the following questions: What is the most important Guideline to share with students, in your opinion? Which guidelines would be the most difficult for you to implement with students and why?
  • Watch a TeachingChannel video of me sharing standards with students in a UDL Lesson. How does this relate to sharing the Guidelines with them?