How to Address Barriers in Remote Learning

Katie Novak
Katie Novak
February 2, 2021


Remote Planning with a UDL Lens

In our first part of our UDL for Remote Learning series, I shared WHY Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is essential to tackle and succeed in remote learning. Now that we have established why UDL is important to Remote Learning, the key now is HOW?

So, how do you begin to think about remote planning through the UDL lens? As with all things, there is no single representation, but we have designed a flow chart that may inspire you to address barriers in new ways. I partnered with my colleagues to create a remote learning barrier flowchart.  Download the UDL Flowchart for Remote Learning here.Remote Learning Flowchart

If you have any ideas about how to make this flowchart more relevant, authentic, and meaningful, don’t hesitate to reach out and inspire us! As my bestie George Couros always says, “The smartest person in the room… is the room.”

Download it, print it, share it, and tweet me @katienovakudl.

Looking to deepen your learning and expand your skills in UDL and Remote Learning? Contact us to discuss options for your district or check out our UDL for Remote Learning Flex-Paced Course.

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