UDL in Elementary Education

Elevate student voice and choice through Universal Design for Learning

As elementary educators, we are tasked with building core knowledge and skills in our students that will allow them to grow into thoughtful, creative, critical thinkers. By building voice and choice into our curriculum, we can enhance self-confidence, build self-efficacy, and promote community and collaboration among our youngest learners.

This course will help teachers understand how to use Universal Design for Learning to promote voice and choice in their classrooms. Participants will explore the principles of UDL, and dive into tips, techniques, and strategies on how to promote motivation, understanding, and self-expression in students with diverse backgrounds and diverse learning needs while meeting rigorous educational standards.

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At a Glance















Course Objectives


Understand the three principles of UDL and the UDL Guidelines and how the implementation of UDL provides students in elementary classrooms with opportunities to build next-generation skills.


Learn to to optimize expert learning - you'll create universally designed learning experiences for students and/or for your own professional practice


Learn to design standards-based lessons that eliminate barriers to access and engagement.

Kathy Thibodeau

About Your Instructor

Kathy Thibodeau, M.Ed., taught elementary education for 27 years. She has taught kindergarten, third, and fifth grade. She has a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Creative Arts and Learning from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

Kathy’s knowledge, passion, and application of the arts in teaching, which includes poetry, movement, music, visual art & drama, alongside UDL best practices, allows students to express their knowledge of Common Core standards in unconventional ways. Kathy taught all subject areas with enthusiasm while keeping in mind the diverse learning needs of all students.

In her spare time, Kathy enjoys cooking, photography, horseback riding, kayaking, music, gardening, and traveling. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, dog (Maxi), 3 children & spouses, as well as her 7 grandchildren, 2 granddogs, & 2 grandcats.


What to Expect


  • Eight online learning modules containing videos, resources, and weekly assignments and/or discussions.
  • Direct interaction and feedback from your instructor and the opportunity to build community with your classmates through course discussion boards.
  • Lots of options and choices - UDL is at the foundation of everything we do.
  • Participants will be expected to pass in work by the due date, but will also be given the opportunity to revise and improve upon their work (just as students in their class should be given the same respect using the UDL framework). 
  • All assignments can be resubmitted for feedback and grading up until the last day of the course.

Pricing Options

The fee listed above covers your course registration with Novak Educational Cosulting, Inc. only. You may also choose to purchase graduate credits or clock hours (for Washington State teachers) at the time of registration. Bulk discounts are available on registration fees for groups of 3 or more. Please contact Lindie Johnson for details.

Course Certificates & Transcripts

As long as you receive a grade of C or better, you will receive a completion certificate from Novak Education at the conclusion of the course. Please check in with your school or district to determine if this alone will be sufficient for salary points or advancement. Some states require additional proof of completion such as clock hours, contact hours, or credits. Graduate credits (3 continuing education credits) may be obtained through our university partner. Please check with your school or district to ensure these will satisfy their requirements prior to enrolling. Learn more about our graduate partner Gordon College.