If you are in a leadership position (principal, instructional coach, teacher leader, etc.) you may be wondering what your first year of UDL implementation may look like. Shannon Schultz, and instructional coach in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, came up with this brilliant exemplar to help you get started.

I am always so excited to see amazing educators come up with new tools to help others with UDL implementation, so I thought it was an important resource to share with you all. As you explore, remember that each school and district is unique, just like each of our students, so it is important to move at a pace that works for your learning environment and fits you and your stakeholder’s needs.

Here are some basic tips for UDL Implementation:

  • UDL Implementation doesn’t happen all at once. Slow and steady wins the race!
  • It will take some time for all educators to get on board. Typical implementation is a 4-6 year process and year one is often a chance for your cohort of “early adopters” to get on board.
  • “Full implementation” is reached once 50% of your team members are using UDL in their daily practice and it is influencing student outcomes.

The tool that follows is one district’s journey for a slow and steady start. Consider creating your own tool as you consider scaling UDL practices for the 2020-2021 school year.

Timeline for UDL Implementation

UDL Implementation Timeline
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