Novak Educational Consulting is the premier organization for designing and delivering high-quality, evidence-based professional development on multi-tiered systems of support, evidence-based tiered interventions, evidence-based literacy models, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and effective leadership practices.  Our company has provided in-person professional development and consulting in multi-tiered intervention systems in 25 states and 7 countries to tens of thousands of educators and administrators. Additionally, Novak Educational Consulting has worked directly with state departments of education in Ohio, Minnesota, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Massachusetts to provide professional learning on the development of research-based multi-tiered systems of support as well as working with the US Department of Education with Jobs for the Future (JFF) through the School Turnaround Learning Community and with the Office of Special Education Programs.

With extensive experience working both nationally and internationally in urban, suburban, and rural schools and districts, Novak and Associates have helped to improve the outcomes of administrators, teachers, and students by designing professional learning and technical assistance in curriculum, instruction and leadership support that is evidence-based, customized, and ongoing. This includes professional learning on how to diagnose and identify specific learning needs of individual students as well as groups of students, how to design instruction to address identified student need(s), and how to effectively deliver instruction to maximize student access, engagement, and achievement.


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