This past year, I often found myself wishing I were blogging more. There is just so much to cover in education, and I want to share everything I can to help teachers and administrators successfully implement UDL and transform education. However, my lack of posts over the last 12 months wasn’t that I wasn’t writing. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

I found that while more and more teachers and administrators were getting on board with UDL, the more important it became for parents to understand the UDL framework, why it is being implemented in schools, and how they could assist teachers at their homes in promoting choice, problem-solving, and motivation among their children. I am happy to say that I have now released a book that aims to do just that.

Parent Guide to UDL


Let Them Thrive: A Playbook for Helping Your Child Succeed in School and in Life provides instruction on how parents can help their children become self-directed, expert learners. It also helps them understand the science behind UDL and the barriers teachers and administrators face when implementing it in their classrooms, schools and districts.

As a teacher, you understand how much variability there is among our kids; you see it every day. Parents don’t typically have that same exposure. Let Them Thrive shows parents how to embrace variability, encourage growth mindset in their children, and put trust in the work that their teachers are doing.

If you are using UDL in your classroom, and you want your kid’s parents to know more about how they can assist your efforts at home, this is a great book to use for a parent-teacher book club. Below, I have added a few resources to help you spread the word about UDL to your parents. Included is a book club invitation and a set of discussion questions you can distribute to parents in your school. If you find yourself too pressed for time to host a book club, I’ve also included a book flyer and some language you can include in your classroom or school newsletter.

Thank you to all of you for helping me spread the word of UDL beyond educators and into the homes of our students and for all of your continued support.

Copies of Let Them Thrive may be purchased through CAST or

Teacher & Administrator Resources for Let Them Thrive

Announcing Let Them Thrive

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