ECOSI am lucky enough to work in a fabulous school district – Chelmsford Public Schools – as the Reading Coordinator, K-12, ELL Director, and writing specialist at Harrington Elementary (Go Lions!). In my role as the Reading Coordinator, I had the opportunity to lead a group of brilliant teachers to create a scope and sequence for teaching literacy in grades 1-4. I was blown away by the passion and tremendous creativity of the members of my team. Working together with a celebrated former principal, Dr. Donna Murray, we examined the Common Core standards and aligned them to our Journey’s literacy program, Traits Writing, and Words Their Way. Because we have so much rich curriculum, we had to determine which stories, reading strategies, reading skills, language components, and writing experiences were essential for students to be successful. We came up with a tool, that promotes depth over breadth and close reading, encourages text-based writing and rewriting, and allows teachers to consistently assess students using universally designed formative assessments. It was an amazing experience and I would encourage other leaders to collaborate with teachers to do the same. Check out more about the project on our web site:

What’s your Essential Course of Study (ECOS)?

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