Right now I’m feeling pumped. This week, I’m lucky enough to be a facilitator at the UDL Summer Institute at the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) in Columbus, Indiana. If you want to embrace UDL as a district, BCSC is an amazing model.

The district is so committed to UDL that their educator evaluation tool measures UDL implementation in the classroom. This is the epitome of trust in a teaching force because UDL is built on the assumption that teachers have the knowledge, creativity, and skill to design creative, engaging lessons that will both support and challenge students. This allows teachers to showcase their content knowledge, but also that elusive magical power, their knowledge of students. High standards, high engagement (and alas, high test scores) – it doesn’t get much better than that. Imagine that freedom. Other districts should follow their lead.

Yesterday, the father of UDL, Dr. David Rose of Harvard, came to speak. He was on his game. It was like watching Lady Gaga perform (Too modern a reference? How about the Rolling Stones?) He came, he delivered. His message focused on the fact that UDL is built upon decades of research in neuroscience. Read: This is not a new initiative; this is a not a passing fad. This is best practice, the way to teach, the Tao of learning.


UDL Fever at BCSC

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