Last month, I spent two days at the National Teacher Voice Convening in Washington DC. I still feel a buzz of excitement. Every time I have an opportunity to meet with educators from across the country, I am more and more convinced that American education is remarkable. And now that the Common Core connects all teachers, our collective brilliance, creativity, and student empowerment will only amplify.

I attended the conference to present an innovative project – The Teacher Core Revolution, which will use the power of teacher voice to help garner nationwide parental support of the Core in a series of videos. Think reality TV meets education!

How will it work? Educators, like us, will use a provided template to create and record a short message to parents about how the Core will help their child succeed. These videos will then be distributed nationally, through traditional and social media channels.

Voices of the opposition are loud, but parents deserve to hear about the power of the Core from the people who know education best.

If you’d like your voice to be a part of the conversation, please download the TeacherCoreRevolution instructions and start filming. After posting, feel free to share on Twitter, using the hashtag #teachercorerevolution

Happy Filming!

Teacher Core Revolution

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