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  • Free Common Core Resources

    NBCLast weekend I attended Education Nation, and let me tell you - it delivered. Not only was I surrounded with the best teachers in the country, but also an education star-studded cast that included Charlotte Danielson, evaluation guru, and Sue Pimentel, the mother of the Common Core. Education Nation inspired me, solidified my conviction that the Core is the best thing for students, and helped me to realize the only people who will change education in this country are the teachers. To help make that happen, I learned about some amazing free tools to help teachers align their practice to the Core. Check out the resources below and watch your students soar!

    http://commoncore.americaachieves.org/ Register as a new user and you can view videos of master teachers teaching the Core, download editable lesson plans that are Common Core aligned, and view lists of reputable web sites that will help you align your practice to the Core.

    https://www.noredink.com/ is an amazing resource that will allow teachers to create classroom logins so students can get unlimited help with writing and specific grammar skills. Modules are based on student interest and you can track growth throughout the year.

    http://www.sharemylesson.com/ There are close to 300,000 lessons on this site, and many are exemplar lessons for the Common Core.

    http://udlexchange.cast.org/home This site has hundreds of lessons that are both Common Core aligned and designed using the principles of Universal Design for Learning, which allows all students to access rigorous curriculum.