Culturally Responsive Teaching and UDL

Designing instructional experiences that are both culturally responsive and universally designed can seem like an intimidating task but these frameworks are quite intertwined and symbiotic. This course will demystify the picture of success for teachers who are ready to examine the art and science discovered in the cross-section of UDL and Culturally Responsive Teaching. We will examine personal viewpoints and insights through the lenses of UDL and Culturally Responsive Teaching and identify barriers to learning on a cultural level while shifting towards best practices for creating lessons and units that are culturally sustaining and linguistically appropriate.

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Course Details

This is a facilitated online course that will run from July 6, 2020 – August 2, 2020. This course will consist of eight online modules (2 modules per week). Students can complete activities and assignments on their own time but should be mindful of assignment deadlines.

Instructor: Tesha Fritzgerald

Cost: $445 for 36 contact hours (3.6 CEUs). Graduate credit (3 credits) may be obtained for this course for an additional $225 through Gordon College.

($20 discount per enrollment available to schools/districts that enroll 3 or more educators. Please contact Lindie Johnson at for details.)

All participants who receive a grade of C or better will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course. Those who pay the additional fee to Gordon College will also receive 3 graduate level credits. Click here to view instructions for enrolling for graduate credit. Please note you must enroll for this option prior to the first day of class.

The course code for this course at Gordon College is EDC631 and it will be listed under the Summer term.

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Course Objectives

Participants will examine personal viewpoints and insights and determine if current practices are bridges or barriers to universally designed learning environments.

Participants will use the UDL framework to design culturally responsive learning experiences that embrace learner variability and eliminate barriers in the environment and instructional practices while building expert learners.

Course Requirements

This course is offered online through eight modules. Students can complete activities and assignments on their own time but should be mindful of assignment deadlines. 

Students will have the opportunity to communicate with fellow participants and the course instructor through Canvas discussion boards. Participants will be expected to pass in work by the due date, but will also be given the opportunity to revise and improve upon their work (just as students in their class should be given the same respect using the UDL framework).

You will receive a course invitation from Canvas a few days before your course starts. All students must create a Novak Educational Consulting Canvas account and login to view modules and assignments.  All assignments must be submitted electronically through Canvas. All assignments can be resubmitted for feedback and grading up until the last day of the course.

Students will be provided with regular feedback and rubrics to help them determine how they will be assessed throughout the course.

About Your Instructor

Andratesha Fritzgerald

Tesha Fritzgerald

Andratesha Fritzgerald is an urban education expert who is committed to excellence in urban education. She has worked in urban education for over fifteen years as a teacher, building leader and currently at the district level in urban school district in Ohio. As a Martha Holding Jennings Foundation Scholar, Fritzgerald exhibited excellence in teaching and a strong commitment to urban education from the very start of her career. She was featured in Education Week twice.

With a passion for UDL and culturally responsive teaching and learning, she has helped districts, buildings and teachers to craft implementation plans and professional practice cadres to become expert learners while transforming learning communities. In her soon to be published book, UDL and Urban Education: An Expressway to Success, Tesha helps teachers and leaders in urban schools to implement UDL to narrow the achievement gap, increase graduation rates, and increase the outcomes and next generation skills of all learners in ways that are both culturally sustaining and linguistically appropriate.


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