As promised, I designed more writing prompts aligned to the Common Core’s Appendix B. They are both Common Core and UDL aligned for grade 2. f you decide to use them, let me know how it goes. I’m always happy to connect. Here is a Appendix B – Grade 2 with all prompts in document form. Below is a prompt for an excerpt from “The Search for Delicious.”


search deliciousThe Search for Delicious

There was a time once when the earth was still very young, a time some call the oldest days. This was long before there were any people about to dig parts of it up and cut parts of it off. People came along much later, building their towns and castles (which nearly always fell down after a while) and plaguing each other with quarrels and supper parties. The creatures who lived on earth in that early time stayed each in his own place and kept it beautiful. There were dwarfs in the mountains, woldwellers in the forests, mermaids in the lakes, and, of course, winds in the air.

There was one particular spot on the earth where a ring of mountains enclosed a very dry and dusty place. There were winds and dwarfs there, but no mermaids because there weren’t any lakes, and there were no woldwellers either because forests couldn’t grow in so dry a place.

Then a remarkable thing happened. Up in the mountains one day a dwarf was poking about with a sharp tool, looking for a good spot to begin mining. He poked and poked until he had made a very deep hole in the earth. Then he poked again and clear spring water came spurting up in the hole. He hurried in great excitement to tell the other dwarfs and they all came running to see the water. They were so pleased that they built over it a fine house of heavy stones and they made a special door out of a flat rock and balanced it in its place very carefully on carved hinges. Then one of them made a whistle out of a small stone which blew a certain very high note tuned to just the right warble so that when you blew it, the door of the rock house would open, and when you blew it again, the door would shut. They took turns being in charge of the whistle and they worked hard to keep the spring clean and beautiful.

Babbitt, Natalie. The Search for Delicious. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1969. (1969)

From the Prologue

Natalie Babbitt’s The Search for Delicious, is a folktale that has a moral that teaches us a lesson. In one of the following writing activities, identify the lesson, or moral, of the folktale. [RL.2.2]

  1. Write a letter to a friend explaining what the lesson is in The Search for Delicious.
  2. Write a letter to a mermaid or a woldweller, convincing them to come to the ring of mountains. Explain why they can come to the ring of mountains and be sure to share the lesson you learned from the dwarfs.
  3. Draw a picture of the final scene in The Search for Delicious. Be sure to use color and include all the creatures that would come to the ring of mountains once it had water. Beneath the picture, write the moral or lesson.
  4. Create a children’s book. Rewrite the story in your own words and at the end of the story, identify the moral.
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