Join us from January 22 – February 12!

George Couros and I couldn’t be more thrilled to invite you to join our upcoming Instagram book study from January 22 – Feb 12, 2020, where we’ll discuss our book, “Innovate Inside the Box: Empowering Learners Through UDL and the Innovator’s Mindset.”

The book study is intended to help you dig deeper into the ideas of the book and learn/model UDL learning strategies, encourage multimedia creation to actively reflect and create meaningful learning opportunities, and to use social media to build networks with other educators who are interested in innovation in education. 

The goal is for all you lovely educators to post 2-3 creations (UDL it up and share as a photo, audio, video, graphic, etc!) from the book per week and/or comment on questions posed from the @gcouros account for the book study.  George and I will also be hosting a couple of Instagram live sessions discussing the book and interacting with participant questions.

Having a copy of “Innovate Inside the Box” is beneficial for the process but not necessary as the questions are pretty open-ended.  Other than the book, the process is free, and if you already own a copy, you are good to go!  If you are interested in previewing the book, you can get a preview of Chapter 1 by signing up for my email subscription list here.

Each day of the book study (or as you see fit), participants will be asked to share a reflection in some form on what they have read. It can be a video, a visual, or whatever you can think of that can be represented through Instagram. To share with others, make sure to follow the below steps:

  • Use the hashtag #InnovateInsidetheBox AND the applicable chapter reading.  For each chapter, the second hashtag will be the following:
    • Intro – #IITBIntro + #InnovateInsideTheBox
    • Chapter 1 – #IITBCH1 + #InnovateInsideTheBox
    • Chapter 2 – #IITBCH2 + #InnovateInsideTheBox
    • Chapter 3 – #IITBCH3 + #InnovateInsideTheBox
    • (Continued for all 14 chapters)
  • Tag me (@katienovakudl and George (@gcouros) on your Instagram post. 
  • Write as much as little or as much as you want in the subject line on your reflection.
  • Feel free to use the story feature to share your learning as well.  We will be sharing many of the creations to our own Instagram stories from participants.

(*Please note that if your account is private only people that follow you will be able to see what you share.)

This process is something that we are still learning, but we learned so much from the Facebook group last time, and it was hugely beneficial. Our ultimate hope is that this endeavor opens new and better doors for learning in the classroom that participants create for themselves. 

The dates for the reading are the following:

January 22, 2020Introduction and Chapter 1
January 24, 2020Chapter 2
January 27, 2020Chapter 3
January 29, 2020Chapter 4
January 31, 2019Chapter 5, 6
February 3, 2020Chapter 7, 8
February 5, 2020Chapter 9,10
February 7, 2020Chapter 11, 12
February 10, 2020Chapter 13, 14
February 12, 2019Final Reflections

As well, please sign up here so we can try to follow all of the accounts that are taking part.  This is the only place you will need to “register”:

Sign up here!

Thank you for your interest in this process.  We are looking forward to connecting with educators through the Instagram platform to push our own learning and connect with others.

Innovate Inside The Box Instagram Book Study!